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Caja Candy

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Sugar daddies, sugar babies, Old fashion sticks, swirly pops, twix, dubble bubble, tootsie rainbow, Swedish fish, sixlets, Laffy taffy, long boys, root beer barrels, Nerds, Starburst, push rolls, pops, rainblo, cow tails, kits, mambas, mint juleps, peanut butter bars, candy buttons, smarties, skittles, butterfingers, hersheys, chiclets, m&ms, dum dums, rock candy, bazooka gum, chick o sticks, reeses, charms blow pops, mike and ikes, razzles, warheads, haribo, Hershey kisses, fun dip, ring pops, baby Ruth's, Kit kats, Mary Jane's,  dots, candy necklaces, now laters, salt water taffy, caramels, sour patch kids, Charleston chews, jolly rachers frooties, chews, pixie sticks, runs, now laters, Boston baked beans, lemon heads, red hots, big bold, banana splits



     Slim       17

     XXL        22

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